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My Curse to all feminists: In reply to I find it unfortunate that… by GeezerGeek. BTW take a look So what do the people of twitter think? We get a brief on the uniform but it's up to us if we feel comfortable in it.

So the inevitable has happened, F1 gridgirls have been banned. Big island tits. Sexy grid girls. If you feminists could pull your heads out of your asses, you might see the truth in that. Formula 1 begins its season on March In reply to You are exactly right about… by Peanut Butter ….

I have never heard any feminist complain about outfits worn at the NottingHillCarnival gridgirl f1gridgirls pic. Amid a brave new world of sexual consent forms and rage over the "patriarchy," Formula 1 and its FAI ruling body has decided to ban the use of promotional models, known as "grid girls," from its events because they don't " resonate with [the] brand values [of F1] and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms.

I'm sure that's a splendid idea. Those jugs speak for themselves. In reply to Tomorrow these feminist… by silvermail. In reply to Those jugs speak for… by TeamDepends. I like naked women. I'm surprised they didn't demand the end of F1 racing completely since its a privileged white male patriarchy system.

If you haven't bothered looking "as far as I can tell Has anyone checked out a college campus lately? I didn't think so. Did anyone, anywhere, read in this article of SJW's objections? After all, it simply isn't fair that those tall, athletic darkly complected men are so much more accomplished at playing that sport than, say, the average five foot two inch Chinese female.

Sorry that the quarterback only wanted to bang cheerleaders, instead of you goth, drama club weirdos. After a lot of debate on my profile over the past 24h I'd like to see what the actual general public think gridgirl gridgirls.

Pressure that perhaps involves the ongoing takedown of men in powerful positions by legions of metoo victims coming out of the woodwork like termites? Let's ask some concern daddy here and see how much hours did they use to raise their son or change diapers here.

Or is it more likely that they're pre-emptively caving to progressive pressure that the see approaching on the horizon? That reminds me, "Hey honey, is my dinner ready yet? Comments Sort by Thread Date.

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In reply to Well ladies, you either… by asteroids. Naked women barefoot. The grey fucking fog of misery, posing as guides, and they are. Get back in the kitchen. Those jugs speak for themselves. Sexy grid girls. When will the media be taken back?

In reply to Hold on folks.

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Ridiculous that women who say they are "fighting for women's rights" are saying what others should and shouldn't do, stopping us from doing a job we love and are proud to do. After a lot of debate on my profile over the past 24h I'd like to see what the actual general public think gridgirl gridgirls. This story isn't exactly breaking news. Feminist doesn't care about these employment stuff, these girls need to talk to the top corporate dudes that fired them not some feminist who as I am don't give a fuck what they do with their lives as long it's something that they wanted willingly.

The move by F1 follows a similar move by the Professional Darts Corporation banned walk-on girls from its competitions. Two naked girls together. I didn't think so. I'm now retired but to think girls have lost a lot of important income because feminists think they know best, when they really haven't got a clue, is frustrating.

Or the SJWs can go fuck themselves and let the non feministas and paying ticket holders decide for themselves like fully emancipated citizens. Everybody went quiet as we watched it erupt from the water, like a giant nuclear penis. Sensitive enough for ya? So take your finger out of Obama's ass, lick it, and start searching. If a woman wants to be a GridGirl then that's her choice and nobody else's.

Maybe you would be suprised how many of these feminists really do belong to covens; real witches. This seems to… by The Blank Stare. In reply to I find it unfortunate that… by GeezerGeek. You think this decision is wholly organic and internal to the 'conservative' F1 organization? In reply to Hegelian Dialectics on… by peddling-fiction. Milf solo orgasm tube. All boys should be raise by their fathers or raise in orphanages.

This seems to be fake news. If you haven't bothered looking "as far as I can tell Esp in the black and far left white libtard cultures. Has anyone checked out a college campus lately?

They can certainly have it both ways, as one is about rights of individuals and other is about rights to employment. In reply to "Grid Kids"

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