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You lesbians are so thirsty for any celeb lezzie gossip, that you guys are starting to make ridiculous stuff up. Are you 95 years old? Also starring Noah Taylor, i.

After his death, his mother did an interview and wanted to know because he never said a word to her about it. Nude pumps red bottoms. There have always been whispers about Bebe, and her social calendar seems like that of a closeted dyke. Annabeth gish lesbian. The British film and TV industry wouldn't give a collective shit either. Maybe it's an open-secret that these two were together. Well, I guess it isn't news to anyone. I thought the Megan Mullally thing was for promotion of her show? Al Franken 5 days. I wish we had more juicy stuff like the rumor years ago that Madonna had a fling with Tea Leoni?

Gillian's stunning eyes and her full lips do it for me. It has always been a place steeped in violence and mystery; of cross-cultural relationships, Mexican drug cartels, and surreal desert-side worlds invisible to others. Jessica moore nude pics. I merely roll my eyes at the credulous fantasists who cleave to every anonymously written tale as true fact.

As for today, there's not the same interest. Gillian, cut your hair. She's a bit of a fag hag sexy though that uses that as cover for her preference for girls. Because someone has sold a story to a trashy tabloid paper?

It's not public interest. But I hope the press don't invade her privacy and out any previous relationships. When they were at drama school together? And this is topped with her bitchy buttoned down act that she matches with frank sexuality. Yep, R, Sarah does have a hot body. What's with the inquisition? Yes she was hanging with Ellen and Anne during the great rise and fall of Ellen coming out. But no matter, there are so many women involved that some will see print.

Yes, R, Jodie and Gina Schock definitely had it going on. She only existed for the last couple of years of the show and she pinged even harder than Scully. Milf next door full videos. The entire appeal of a site like this one is to pass closed-off goss along without having to worry about massive lawsuits.

You can catch the season 2 premiere of FX's The Bridge tonight at 10 p. Be honest with me.

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NPH hosted at least two major award shows. Seemed like there was talk about her with women for years, but never a word about men in the late 90's. Geraldine hughes nude pics. Yeah, because reporting on who someone's slept with is what press freedom's about!

Also starring Noah Taylor, i. Her career is not over. Fab idea when eating out.

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What was the story about them? She has done interviews where she said she is not bi and people are wishful thinking! Filter by post type All posts. Annabeth gish lesbian. By being caught sleeping with women? I'm sure, on the basis of your naive enthusiasm, The Sun would be more than happy to claim it has the support of the "lesbian community" in its efforts to shit all over Gillian Anderson with its "revelations".

Are you 95 years old? If like Gillian she admitted banging chicks, then she'd get more coverage. In July she received B. Duchovny is intelligent in the sense that he has book smarts, but he has the emotional intelligence of a horny adolescent boy. Kanye west nude video. You can be outraged about that, criticise as an attack, but it's simply true.

Without mentioning her famous liaisons, of course. I much prefer datalounge. She did the Fiasco shoot last year, in their black and white issue. Though the average person reading People wouldn't figure it out, it was also a fairly public statement that Lauren was bisexual. If not, feel free to invent creatively. I don't know, does that sound like her?

We get it, honey. Both had the lesbian blouse and slacks look. Double-check, I can wait. Nude sex xxx pics. She's young, she's beautiful, she's smart--and she's got a pretty cool movie career to boot.

She is already married to her co-star from The X-Files. Not a terribly big deal, but having third parties send missives that inform your current flame of her dexterity or how beautiful you think she is, is not the brightest detail if you want the media to remain unaware.

Count me in as one of those who can't understand her marriage or attraction to Julian Ozzone. I wonder if her separation from her current partner has anything to do with the timing.

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The past girlfriend thing could lead to some classic stories, R I thought I remembered people talking ab9out Helen and Gillian dancing at an after-party back then. Is Jodie responsible for GA's career? His hints point as strongly to Gillian and Helen as to Gina. Shy first time lesbian sex. The woman is pretty but dim, and doesn't appear capable of grasping even that much.

The fact that Anderson used to hang around with - even publicly kiss - openly gay women like Ellen and attend lesbian and gay charity events at the height of her fame suggests to me that she's really never given a rats ass about whether people think she's lesbian or bisexual.

No, but I have heard she used to be a man but his penis was bit off by a hammerhead shark while snorkeling on vacation in the Turks and Caicos.

She didn't stick out as much as you'd think. Was an iconic character Doogie Hoswerand has had a lead role on another hit show for several years. I would like to know how Gillian could have done some "real damage" to the industry, R As a woman who's found her attractive for years I can't help but love the gossip. I don't know if we would have noticed the two except that Gillian was a terror. Your sister is a werewolf nude It's about as common as common comes. Annabeth gish lesbian. Maybe he took the time off to raise her.

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HOT NAKED FILIPINAS He is the youngest son of the family. I saw Gillian at the dorchester a couple years ago.
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Bare naked sex In July she received B.
Whats your number nude In fact, you could say she went out of her way NOT to conceal the fact that she enjoyed the company of those women.

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